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You deserve a career that makes you happy.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in a job that doesn't fulfil you? I'm here to tell you that having a job you love is possible. And in just five days, I'll help you discover what you want and how to move forward to get it.

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In this free 5 day e-course, you will:


Get clear on what you want and what success means to you.
Too often we get stuck trying to be something we’re not and compare our achievements to others. It's time to discover what success looks like for you and start focusing on a career that makes you happy.

Learn how to identify the types of roles and companies that suit you.
Changing jobs or careers can be daunting, and knee-jerk moves don’t pay off. I’ll show you how to strategically plan for your career breakthrough and be in charge of getting the job and career you want.

Uncover how to build your personal brand to land the roles you really want.
As the saying goes, it’s not always about what you know, it’s about who you know but also what you’re known for! I’ll show you how to ensure that others know how good you are at what you want to do.

Discover the do’s and don'ts of job searching and avoid common mistakes to land your next role faster?
I’ll show you how to prepare for your job search by sharing with you all the best job search practices, the common mistakes to avoid and how to adopt a targeted approach. As well as how to position yourself as a valuable asset to future employers and reach out to stakeholders in your dream companies using LinkedIn.

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This is for you if:


You want to make a change in your career. 
And you’ve been putting it off because it feels too risky, doesn’t seem realistic or the whole idea of it is too overwhelming and scary right now.

You're sick of feeling STUCK and you want more from your job.
And you’ve been chugging along doing work you sort of like instead of work you actually LOVE because you don’t know what you want. 

You want a job that fulfils you and gets you jumping out of bed in the mornings. 
And you’ve been listening and shaping your future and choices around other people’s idea of success and limiting beliefs on what’s possible for too long.

You’re ready to put in the work to find your dream career.
And you’ve been holding off because you don't where to start. 


Sound familiar?


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Hi, I'm Adele

I help people land jobs they love.

As a sought-after careers expert rescuing people (including myself) from careers they hate, know how exhausting it feels to wake up on a Monday and not want to get out from under the covers. I also know what it takes to find career happiness and what holds us back.

Our careers are limited by what we let ourselves believe is possible. If you want to open up to more possibilities, get clear on what you want and push past your fears, join me over the next five days in this free e-course, and let's make this your career breakthrough year!


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If you are 'not okay' with having
'just an okay job', that's 'not okay'!


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