A big welcome to 2020! It’s not only a new year but a new decade — and no doubt you have some thoughts swirling around your mind about the future.

Here are my questions for you:

Do you want this to be the year that everything changes?

Do you want this to be the year where you start to progress towards the career of your dreams?

Do you want this to be the year where you hit those goals you can’t stop thinking about?

Do you want this to be your best year yet?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

If you’ve had the same goals and dreams in mind for a few years — but haven’t yet achieved them — you’re not alone.

Time is a funny thing. One minute it’s January, the next it's July, and then before you know it, it’s December and nothing has changed.

Guess what? It’s time to shake up the status quo.

There’s a way to get closer to achieving those ambitious, game-changing goals you set for yourself.

There’s a way to climb up the career ladder at a quicker speed.

There’s a way to wake up and go to a job that makes you feel fulfilled.

You just need to be prepared to put in the work.

How I made my career dreams a reality

I won’t bore you with a long-winded story. But I will say this. I used to be the world’s biggest procrastinator.

I’d start every year brimming with ideas about my career. Then, suddenly, it was Christmas and I’d be no closer to making any of those dreams a reality.


Because I was never clear about my intentions or how I'd go about accomplishing them.

I’d daydream a little about what I wanted the year ahead to look like and that was pretty much it. When I think about all the years I let pass by without taking concrete steps toward achieving my goals, I feel like giving younger Adele a (gentle) kick up the backside.

Then, in 2016, I bloody well kept my New Year’s resolution of starting my own business.

How did I do it?

I got crystal-clear about where I wanted to go, what I wanted and why.

I asked myself the hard questions. I was honest about what I liked and what I was good at.

I sat down and wrote a list of my goals. Then, I followed through and created a roadmap that would help me to get there. For each goal, I came up with a series of steps I could take to make it happen.

I don’t know about you, but I feel less overwhelmed when I break down major tasks into smaller, bite-sized tasks. (I also get the pure satisfaction of physically crossing out each step as I complete it! You know the feeling.)

The difference between 2016 and previous years was this: I had a game plan.

It’s all well and good to vaguely think about your goals for the future. But the magic is in the action, not the daydreaming.

Four years later, and my business is in full swing. While it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, I feel like I’m truly thriving in my career. I get to help my clients to land jobs they love, transform and change their careers and set up their own businesses, and I close my computer at the end of the day feeling a sense of accomplishment. I believe my work is purposeful, and let’s be honest — isn’t that the real dream?

Of course, the planning never stops, and sometimes I hit roadblocks along the way. For example, I started 2019 with a goal to create an online course. It’s taken a little longer than expected, but I’m excited to announce that my LinkedIn Launchpad course will be launching very soon.

If you're interested in learning how to propel your career forward — and leverage LinkedIn to land a job! — join the waitlist here! 

What about you?

What are you going to do differently this year so that 2020 doesn't fly by without you achieving any of your goals?

It’s time to dig deep and shine the spotlight on your career. Even if you are completely happy at work, there’s always something you can do to make it better. And if you’re not satisfied with your current situation, that’s where the real fun begins!

While there’s definitely a place for long-term career planning, I want you to focus on just the next 12 months.

Start by jotting down the things you want to accomplish in 2020. Be specific. Then, come up with an action plan that will help you to get there.

It’s amazing how things fall into place once you have a clear vision and a plan. It’s easier to stay on track and keep putting one foot in front of the other to make your dreams a reality.

I’m here to help you along the way

As a career coach working with people all over the world, I see people living the same year over and over again. I see people coming up with a range of excuses as to why they didn’t make a single change.

I don’t want you to feel the same way.

I don’t want you to kick yourself when December 31st arrives.

As I always say, your career is your responsibility.

I want you to get the end of the year and feel like you’ve made progress. I want you to feel like you’ve moved forward in a meaningful way.

I want you to be flying high and super proud of your achievements.

I want you to have the career you deserve.

The kind of career that brings you happiness, fulfillment, and success.

That’s why I’ve created a FREE workbook to help you get there. The Road to Your Best Year Yet will guide you to getting crystal-clear about your career goals. It will encourage you to come up with concrete ways to achieve those goals, and to really reflect on what you want from your life. You can download it here.

The intention is the first step. Add some action and voila, that’s when the magic happens!

Let’s work together to make 2020 your best year yet!

 And if you need extra guidance, feel free to contact me on [email protected] and we can chat about getting you the career you want.


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