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I work with talented go-getters who are done with compromising on their jobs and want a career that fulfils them. Here's how I can help.

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 Do you ever feel like you could be doing more in your career? 

Believe me, it's possible.  

More than 70% of workers say they’re dissatisfied with their jobs. But every day, motivated career superstars like you transform their working worlds. Congratulations on making it here and deciding that you’re no longer going to settle for less. If you want to join a world where more people love what they do, start here by signing up to my free 5 Days to Career Breakthrough email course.


Well done for stepping up!

It takes courage to admit you want career support. But it’s the quickest way to empower yourself to:

  • Find a job that makes you feel inspired and valued
  • Feel confident you’re using your talents to make a difference
  • Have pride in what you do and get excited for the future
  • Spend your 40+ hours/week at work doing something you love

Because the truth is...

Even though you know what you want, you don't always know how to get it.

So you put your dreams on the backburner. 

You tell yourself that a career which fills your wallet and your soul doesn’t exist. That compromise is unavoidable. That nobody loves their job, so what gives you the right to hope for something better? But at the same time…

A little voice inside you keeps whispering, you deserve better than this.  

Newsflash - that little voice is right. 

You DO deserve better. And I’m going to show you how to get it.

In my 20+ years working in recruitment and career coaching, I’ve placed client after client in careers they’re actually passionate about.

I know the job search industry inside-out, and can tell you the shortcuts and strategies that’ll make the difference between a long, painful job hunt and a graceful leap into the role of your dreams.

I can also tell you that…

  • Getting clear on your career is key. Targeted, selective job searches win hands-down. Every time.
  • You have huge value to offer employers. Even if, right now, you have trouble articulating it.
  • Career pivots are absolutely possible. And you don’t have to work your way up from the bottom. Promise.

Why would I need a career coach?

I 100% get that you want your job search to move as quickly as possible, and to feel as if you’re making rapid progress.

But think about this for a minute in terms of getting fit and healthy (instead of getting a job!)

When you’ve tried to get fit in the past, have you succeeded faster by doing classes and/or working with a personal trainer? Or did going it alone get you the results you wanted quicker?

For most people, having help from a professional speeds up the process enormously.

And the same holds true when you’re making a career change. Having accountability, personalized advice, and expert knowledge gets you where you want to go quicker.  

Working with me will help you progress through every stage of the job search process speedily, ensuring that you don’t get trapped in the dreaded scrolling-through-job-boards stage for months on end.

There are plenty of websites, podcasts, books and webinars out there, jam-packed with valuable tips and strategies.

The tricky part is sifting through them all to discover the right tips and strategies for YOU.

Plus, for every great free resource out there, there are three others that contain outdated or dodgy information.

If you’re looking to fast-track your career change with bespoke advice and an approach that walks you through everything -- from deciding on what kind of role would be best for you to nailing that third-round interview -- you DON’T want to waste your time trying to track down good information.

Instead, you want help with your unique issues and situation -- whether that means getting over your fear of networking, knowing what salary range to shoot for, deciding which job titles to target in a new industry, or expressing your experiences and skills in a way that gets people excited. 

That’s why clients choose to work with me, rather than navigating the process by themselves.

Possibly. Possibly not.

If you’re moving out of a high-flying corporate career into an industry with much lower salaries across the board, then at the very least, a temporary pay cut is likely.

But most people moving out of large, corporate workplaces into smaller, more creative ones see only a short-term decrease in pay, if that.

That’s because re-positioning themselves in roles they’re actually passionate about tends to open up more opportunities and possibilities for growth, than if they stay in careers where they feel stagnant or unmotivated. 

You’re in good company -- many of my past and current clients had also never worked with a coach before working with me!

But many of them had spent money on personal trainers, physical therapists, and/or personal development books.

This meant that they recognized the benefits of getting expert, individualized help to support their transition into careers where the 40+ hours they spent working each week would be genuinely enjoyable.

Plus, if you have any fears, doubts, or hesitations around the job search process, and could use help deciding what kind of career move you want to make, how to use LinkedIn to get interviews, or how to ace the interview process, this is exactly what I help clients with every single day.

In over two decades in the recruitment industry and career coaching, I’ve helped place clients in jobs across 4 continents, and have the insider scoop on how the job hunt process works in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

I’ve worked with clients looking for roles in industries that range from accounting to engineering to marketing to design, and with brand-new graduates through to experienced GMs. 

I’ve seen dramatic career pivots and smaller (but just as meaningful!) job changes.

And despite the huge variety of candidates I’ve worked with, I’ve seen the same issues come up again and again.

That the job search process is lonely, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking. 

That it can be hard to get detached advice or helpful mentorship as you progress through it. 

That everyone encounters fears and roadblocks which could keep them stuck where they are. 

But that at the same time, finding a career you love IS possible. 

And flat-out probable, given the right support and toolkit.

Find out what we could make happen.

My 1:1 coaching program

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Small group coaching options

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Online courses you can do at home

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See what my clients have to say:

"Using your talents as a Career Coach to help me get my professional life back on track and quiet my monkey mind, has been invaluable in seeking a career path and in my approach to many things in my personal life. I would have never thought to seek the advice and guidance of a guru such as yourself, but since doing so I feel so much more clear on where I want to go, who I want to be and know more about what I DON'T want to do! In fact, can I just hire you as my personal life coach as well? I feel stronger and more confident having sought your expertise. Thank you Adele and I recommend you a million times over! "

Marie Cusick
Marketing, Communications and Behavior Change Specialist

"Adele’s professional and personal approach has been the comforting support I required when I was made redundant from a long term senior position. Adele’s empathetic and energising approach in her career coaching, has kept me buoyant and focussed on re-establishing my personal brand and assisting me in creating my design business."

Scott Dunstan
Brand Designer

"I approached Adele at a time when I was needing to firmly articulate my approach as a designer, my unique skills and where I wanted to take my career. I wanted to set out a plan to create meaningful and fulfilling goals for my future — goals that that would mean I was happy, engaged and challenged in work and in life. Adele became a trusted coach and mentor to me in this process. Adele is perceptive, kind and fun but also deeply honest. I felt she was just as interested in my growth as I was, and generous with her time, energy and input. Her questions, exercises and email follow ups were just as insightful as our video calls, and after every session I felt I understood more about myself and my values and beliefs about work. I felt inspired and energised by the whole process! Thanks Adele, your mentoring was invaluable to me."

Stephanie Bradley
Human-centred design researcher, customer experience and visual designer | Swinburne Guest Lecturer

"I was a bit sceptical about career coaches but Adele is amazing. She turned my life around when I hit rock bottom after redundancy. She’s a coach, a trainer, a strategist, a mentor, a motivator, a therapist. It's like having a cheerleader dancing on top of your head. And that's even when you're not in conversation with her; the work she does with you seems to resonate and stick. If you need direction in your career or life, no matter what your circumstances are or how tough things are at the moment, then I'd highly recommend Adele. She is a life changer."

Joe Emery
Content Writer

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