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Hi, I'm Adele Leah - Career Rescuer!

I’m a career coach and strategist with 20+ years’ experience in career transitions and recruitment, and a gift for rescuing people from jobs they don’t thoroughly enjoy.

I’m also a rebel with a wicked laugh; have a superpower for creating opportunities and a get-sh*t-done attitude that’s seen me place client after client in careers they love. When I’m not looking after my toddler Isy, or hiking near my home in Italy with my partner Luca, I’m helping career superstars like you get the career they deserve. 

You can read more about my personal journey here.

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Do you really need a career coach to find a career you love?

Well, only if you’re looking to do things like:

  • Land your ideal role at your target salary, without applying to a single job board posting
  • Use LinkedIn to get headhunted for a job in an industry you’ve wanted to move into for ages
  • Create a clear long- and short-term career plan for yourself, and hit your first long-term goal in just three months

*Actual client results

Read what my clients say

"Adele helped me find clarity around what I was good at, and what I really wanted to do. Brilliant and perceptive, she’s a pleasure to work with. We had so much fun during the mentoring sessions and I always walked away feeling inspired and energised."

Ros Strong
General Manager

"I engaged Adele to try and clarify and articulate what my own purpose was and thus what I could offer in my next challenge. … Adele did something far more valuable, she guided me so that I could find my own way. Working with Adele and has helped me to arrive to bigger and better things."

Walter Toft
Marketing and Branding consultant

"One of the goals I set with Adele early in the relationship was to avoid the job market, and that’s exactly what we achieved! I found an unadvertised role through relationship building that met my salary target and has set me up for many years of success. Thanks Adele – your help literally changed my life."

Marcus King
Director of Operations

"Adele has been a fantastic support to me when at a cross roads in my career. With care, consideration and encouragement she offered some fantastic pragmatic ways to move ahead and really get my personal brand polished and in the right state. A true pleasure to work with!"

Cameron Roberts
Operations Centre Leader

"I reached out to Adele when I was at a low point in my professional life and desperately needed some career guidance. She helped me get my focus back on track, steered me towards the right direction, and brought out the best parts in me that I never knew I had. I am forever grateful to Adele because at the end of it all, I have landed my dream job! "

Kelly Ng
Advertising Account Manager

"There’s nothing like going through a job loss with a young toddler and another on the way to make you feel overwhelmed and out of sorts (to put it very mildly). Adele helped me get through a dark chapter in my professional career life. She’s a career/transition coach with a difference. She cares, she listens, she gives GREAT advice. And the best thing is it doesn’t matter where in the world you are…you can have chats and meetings online at any time. If you know someone who could use a change in career and needs an experienced sounding board get in touch with Adele you won’t regret it."

Ennia Jones
Project Consultant

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