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Hi! I’m Adele. Slayer of limiting beliefs, champion of “I love my job” syndrome, and believer in you deserving a better career.

I work with people feeling stuck, unhappy, or lost in their jobs to help them transform their wildest career dreams into living, breathing reality.



Take a breath, I've got your back.

One of my biggest skills as a coach is guiding, inspiring, and motivating people as they navigate moments of big, and sometimes intimidating, change in their lives.

Maybe you're:

  • Recovering from redundancy
  • Hunting for a different job
  • Starting your own business
  • Going for a promotion
  • Wanting to change industries completely

Wherever you're at, I'm with you.

In my 20+ years working in career development and recruitment, I've seen it all.

I've worked with career dreamers all over the world as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, coach, and specialist consultant. And one thing I know for sure is this.

Our careers are only limited by what we believe is possible for ourselves.

Because the industry you started working in at the age of 22 doesn't have to be the industry you stay in forever.

The decisions you made ten years - or ten months - ago don't have to keep you stuck in the same place now.

And just because you lack experience or something seems scary, doesn't mean that going for it won't pay off.

I know all this because not only have I seen my clients make things happen that they never believed were possible (and often hit their goals much faster than they expected), but because I've lived it myself.

Before there was Adele the Career Coach, there was Adele with no career plan at all.

Dyslexic and expelled from school. Discouraged from studying the subjects I most enjoyed. Partying and doing jobs that ranged from promoting nightclubs in Tenerife to selling perfume on Oxford Street to working as a London hospital porter.

In my first ‘proper’ job, as a personal assistant at a PR company, I got to meet Prince Charles -- and also had a supervisor literally throw a sandwich in my face! 

It was that sandwich-in-the-face moment that led to my first job in recruitment.

Desperate to work somewhere -- anywhere! -- else, I walked into a recruitment agency with the sandwich still on my face, and thought, ‘What these people are doing looks like FUN.’

But the journey didn’t stop there. For a long time, even though I liked recruitment, I thought I should aim for a more corporate job. A job where I’d get to wear a suit and carry a briefcase and work in a posh, shiny office building. It was only when I eventually landed a job like that, that I realised it was not at all right for me.

Basically, I’d let other people’s ideas of success steer me into making a poor career move.


So I fled back into creative recruitment as soon as my CV could carry me there. I went on to soar in that industry - ultimately helping to set up a recruitment firm in Sydney, Australia, and build up the company’s Melbourne office from scratch.

BUT...What’s right for us in our twenties and early thirties doesn’t always stay right for us.

As my thirties wore on, I realised that my favourite part of the job was coaching the job candidates I was meant to be interviewing. I realised that I wanted to work full-time with people like them.

I was initially too scared to go for it. I started studying for a Diploma in coaching... but I also listened to the naysayers who told me that I could never make a living as a coach.

It wasn’t until years later, once I became qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, was guest-lecturing at universities as a career specialist, giving keynote speeches, leading career development workshops, and regularly coaching private clients in my spare time... that I decided to take the leap...

I left my job, apartment, and entire life behind in Australia, and moved to Italy to run a location-flexible business, mentoring clients all over the world.


For the first time in years, I was doing work that was fully-aligned with what I wanted to be doing, and nothing (not even the arrival of my baby daughter!) could hold me back.

Since that pivotal sandwich-in-the-face moment over twenty years ago, I’ve placed thousands of candidates from multiple continents in every kind of job role. Having made the life I wanted happen at last, I now help others create the lives they want -- whatever those lives may look like. Because ultimately, work is where you spend most of your waking hours for most of your life. 

The question is:  What do you want to do with that time? 


Ready to dream bigger?

If you’re ready to dream bigger and come up with a new vision for your career, see how I can help.

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