Calling all AMBITIOUS, freedom-seeking creative souls! I’m an entrepreneur, educator and coach who empowers you to uplevel your career or start and scale a service-based business of your own.  


The unusual times we’ve found ourselves in recently have also brought a unique opportunity - to reassess what's important, follow our passions and seek out like-minded communities. With traditional work upended, now’s a great time to break free from the 9-5 and get the wheels in motion for your career, your way.

If you have a burning desire for more flexibility or adventure when it comes to your career, I can help. With two decades spent in career development and recruitment, working as a coach, speaker and consultant, I equip you with the mindset tools and practical actions you need to step into a life filled with purpose, passion and flow.

You can make the meaningful impact you desire.

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About me

I’m an entrepreneur, multi-disciplinary coach, educator and speaker. I’m obsessed with the outdoors, amazing food, my morning coffee and helping ambitious changemakers like you find success on your own terms. 

Frustrated by the so-called ‘traditional’ career path which never felt right, I refused to settle (and neither should you!). Instead, I embarked on a search for something that would make me truly happy. I explored various roles, pathways, possibilities and a few countries along the way. I now live in Manchester with my daughter and hand-on-heart love what I do.

I honestly believe each day is a new opportunity to rise up and be who you were born to be. If you’re a fellow rule breaker or freedom seeker looking for success on your own terms, I would love to connect with you.

How I help you

If you’re craving a life full of purpose and possibility, know this. The world needs you to shine bright - for you and those around you. 

Coaching can help you:

  • Dare to look inward, to tap into your innermost desires and dreams.
  • Align these dreams with your strengths and what you’re great at to build a career that has you jumping out of bed each morning.
  • Balance the work you do with freedom, flexibility, growth and challenge - for YOUR version of success - and not someone else’s.

I’m here to guide, inspire, challenge and motivate you as you clarify your goals and uplevel your career for a lasting impact in your life. As your biggest cheerleader during our work together and beyond, I’ve got your back.

My community is filled with rulebreakers, freedom seekers, leaders and ambitious changemakers committed to their own vision of success. Won’t you join us?


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My approach to coaching



I’m here to be your sounding board, put things in perspective and break patterns and habits that aren’t serving you. With experience starting and growing aligned businesses, I’ll help you build momentum and take action to step away from the 9-5 and make your dream career a reality.



I’ll lead you in a journey of self-discovery to uncover your passions and strengths. We go deep, to figure out what you love doing and connect the dots between your experience and your goals. You’ll tap into potential beyond your wildest dreams and start seeing possibilities for a different kind of career future. 



I want you to feel confident, competent and excited about the future as you pursue your passion and get ready to make your mark on the world. It’s time to do more of what you love - including that lunchtime yoga class. All the way, I’m here supporting you on your journey - as your #1 cheerleader.



Society has conditioned us to do things a certain way which, let’s face it, doesn’t always lead to fulfilment. What really lights me up is helping you think big, to carve out a deeply meaningful future. I’ll equip you with a plan of action, the steps and resources you need to get there.


A life extraordinary - in my own words

My life as it is now was once nothing more than a dream. A dream that often went on the backburner as I got sidetracked by other people’s expectations, took feedback to heart or chose another ‘not quite right’ position. 

I was lacking clarity about what I wanted and my unique strengths. All this took time.

But I knew I’d work it out. You see, I’ve always been committed to showing up. Even when the odds were stacked against me. Even when I felt I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. 

Once I had my dream, each day I took action to get one step closer. I dug deep and harnessed grit, courage and determination.

I was dyslexic, yet I went from feeling terror about writing a LinkedIn post to having articles regularly published.  

I was expelled from school and struggled to find my way in the world of work, yet found the courage to set up my dream business.

After a varied career path that included long stints in the UK and Australia, I packed up my entire life to spend five beautiful years living a remote life in Italy before moving back to Manchester. I now mentor clients worldwide, in work that feels fully aligned. 

Since the early days, my work has been around the theme of creating connections - between ideas, between people and, most importantly with our true selves. I deeply understand the importance of continued growth, evolution and re-invention to make sure we’re doing work that lights our fire and leaves a legacy.

Having created the life of my dreams, I now support other creative entrepreneurs and freedom seekers to design the lives they want. Our careers are only limited by what we believe is possible for ourselves. Let’s reimagine what’s possible for your life extraordinary.


Not your stock standard career trajectory (would you expect anything less?)



The teen years

Nightclub promoter, perfume salesperson, hospital porter


The lowlight

PA for a PR company (supervisor literally threw a sandwich in my face)


Sparking connections 

Recruitment agent (pre-Google, this involved actual door-knocking to get business)


Someone else’s dream

Corporate job (think suit, briefcase and shiny office building - not for me!)


Reinvention strikes again

Several business development and advisor/mentor roles - lots of upskilling, retraining and self-discovery helped me see opportunities and opened new doors 


The game-changer

Business development for an insurance company - made me look at my vision of success


Bound for Australia

Set up a creative recruitment firm in Sydney and built the Melbourne office from scratch


A new direction

A diploma in coaching


The evolution begins

NLP Master Practitioner, university guest lecturer, keynote speaker, career development workshop facilitator and regularly coaching private clients in my spare time (!)

The rest is history

I live and breathe my values



I believe in being courageous, finding your purpose and taking action. It’s time to break away from conditioning and society’s expectations to explore new possibilities.



I connect dots, connect ideas, connect people and help you connect with your true self and desires.



I’ve never tried to fit in and I don’t make false promises. I mean it when I say you’ll get a down-to-earth, real, honest, no BS experience when you work with me.



I’m an adventure-seeker who craves independence and flexibility. I want you to feel the freedom to be yourself, too. Let’s rebel against society’s expectations and chase challenge together.



I believe you should live the life you truly desire. This means choosing conscious living, with balance, and good mental and physical health as you expand your potential in work and life.


It's time to boldly carve out a career on your terms - let's do this!


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