The Truth About Recruiters

Most people reading this will have a thing or two to say about recruiters, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Well, join the queue. Even I do, and I was once one. 

You apply for a role, and you're absolutely convinced you can do the job. Somehow or other, your CV doesn't end up in front of the client, and you don't score an interview. Frustrating. 

I've been on both sides of the recruitment fence — as a candidate and as a recruitment consultant. Here's what I've learned that will help relieve you of some pain.

Here's the thing: even though there are some lackluster recruiters out there, some actually do care about candidates. Yet ultimately, it's their client who pays them.

A good recruiter could've spent more than a year convincing their client that they know the market, the industry, and how to find them the right person. The raw truth is that the recruiter simply has too much invested in this to take a risk on blowing it.

Recruiters and hiring managers are bombarded...

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Hey, Jobseeker: Are You Making These Mistakes?

Frustrated with sending out your CV and hearing nothing back? Losing patience with recruiters who take a lot of your time, but give very little away? 

The last year has been exceptionally tough for so many of us. Jobs lost, hours cut, careers put on hold without warning. For a lot of us, there’s no time to lose in finding a new source of stable income. 

Tiptoeing around the issues isn’t going to land you a new job. So I’m going to be honest and direct. 

Your hard work is what’s going to land you that role. Sorry to burst the bubble, but in this game, there are no magic quick-fix money-makers. 

Ready to get serious about getting employed? Learning to avoid these all-too-common mistakes is a solid step 1.

Mistake 1: Thinking it’s a recruiter’s job to find you work 

I’m a recruiter turned career coach, so I’ve seen both sides of the fence. 

I can tell you, hand on heart, what so many people don’t...

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Moving forward with your job search and career during the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is spreading across the world — and so is a sense of uncertainty. Living in Italy, I’ve definitely felt that over the past few weeks, but I’m trying to stay positive knowing that if we all do our bit now, this whole thing will pass so much sooner.

But what does the pandemic mean for your career?

If you were job hunting or preparing for a career move or change before the outbreak, you might be wondering if you should continue or put it on hold for now.

Here’s what I know: In uncertain times, companies are more hesitant to hire and the market is likely going to slow down, no matter what industry you’re in. But you shouldn’t pause your career dreams and goals.

While this pandemic may be unprecedented, the world has gone through market slowdowns before. And what happens? We bounce back — often bigger and stronger than before.

So, let’s look at this downtime as an opportunity to get really clear on what you want, and put...

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Are you feeling tired, restless, bored, uninspired, and generally a little peeved? Not sure why? You could be suffering from Un-Fulfilment Syndrome.

Un-Fulfilment Syndrome occurs when we spend 70% + of our time in a role we don’t like, in a job that doesn’t fit. The average person spends around 90,000 hours of their life at work. If you’re not in the right role with the right people, life can feel like it sucks!

How Un-Fulfilment Syndrome Strikes

We often set out on a career path before we are even legally allowed to order a beer. Everything feels fine at the start. You’re learning new things. You’re earning money. But as the years flash by, that little voice inside you starts asking a few questions. Is this it? Is this really what I want to be doing? How do I get off this ride when I’ve got the mortgage, the car loan, the shoes I want to buy or the school fees I need to pay? So you put your head down and get on with it. And that’s when...

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