Step into a life filled with purpose, passion and flow


I equip creative freedom seekers like you with mindset tools, resources and practical actions so you can make the leap and thrive in work and play 

If you’re a designer, copywriter, photographer, coach or marketer, this might look like:

  •  Getting to the next level in your career or creative business
  •  Setting up on your own beyond the constraints of the corporate 9-5 grind
  •  Flourishing - rather than floundering - if you’ve just made the move (Yay for you!).

It's in our nature to want to live a full and authentic life, to crave fulfilment, to be in the driver's seat and work from anywhere. But this type of lifestyle takes courage, grit, desire and determination. 

My programs and coaching bridge the gap between knowing what you want and taking meaningful action towards this to create a memorable, marketable service or business. Learn from someone who's trod the path, has the know-how and can spur you into action and empower you to live your most authentic life. Together we've got this.

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Tell me, is this you?

  •  You work - or would love to work - in the creative industries by starting your own business, using your skills in a fresh way beyond the constraints of the corporate world or taking your side hustle from supporting gig to centre stage.
  •  Until now, you may have played things safe (for the sake of a parent, partner or boss?), but you know deep down you don’t fit the corporate culture with your entrepreneurial spirit and you’re destined for something bigger. 
  •  You’re brave and ambitious, with bold ideas and dreams of becoming the ‘go-to’ person in your industry. You’re seeking a partner-in-crime to help you ditch the 9-5, smash your limiting beliefs and focus your plans so you can fulfil your potential.
  •  You crave more fun, freedom and flexibility from life and you’re ready to uplevel your career - you just don’t know-how.

That’s ok. Because where there’s a WHY, there’s a WAY. And I can help with that. 

Take the next empowered step on a purposeful journey towards evolving your career.

By working together, you’ll get: 

  •  A deep understanding of your uniqueness, skills, strengths and true alignment with your values - for work and life. By stepping into what makes you ‘YOU’, you’ll expand your connections and open up opportunities, all the way building momentum and confidence so you can shine.
  •  Confidence and clarity about where to go next and a plan of action to help you break away from the 9-5. This means start-to-finish support with mindset tools, resources - like templates, checklists and video training - and practical actions. 
  •  The chance to unpack and challenge yourself and any limiting beliefs. We’ll explore what no longer serves you and bust through whatever’s holding you back so you can move forward with passion, energy, inner strength and confidence.
  •  Support, encouragement and reassurance along the way.

Wherever you're at, I’ll meet you where you are and empower you to propel yourself forward.

Here’s how we can work together.

Services + Programs

Ignite: It's Time To Shine With Adele Leah

Let’s evolve your career journey, and grow your business or personal brand through my signature 1:1 coaching program. This is your chance to step up and stand out, follow your passion and create a work that fits with the life you crave.

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The Get Out Game Plan

A small group coaching program that takes you from the 9-5 life into your own business. Let’s map out your exit strategy and build the foundations of your business so you’re ready to leap - let’s go!


Step Up, Stand Out and Shine 

A step-by-step course that gives you the know-how and confidence to go after the career of your dreams instead of just getting another job. It’s time to uplevel your personal brand and unlock the power of LinkedIn.


The Freedom Seekers Society

Join a supportive group of like-minded individuals and learn from those who have trod the path.

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Speaking + Training

Bespoke masterclasses for organisations to support your employees or members.

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You invest in other parts of your life, so why not invest in your own career?


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What you see is what you get with me.


I’m always authentic but never intimidating and the tools I share are 100% practical. 

Slipping back into cruise control? I’ll give you the kick up the butt you need.

Put it this way. There’s a reason my clients have said, I had no idea it would literally be the best investment I've ever made.

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